Weihai Association of Foreign-funded Enterprises is a professional non-profit social organization with legal personality voluntarily formed by foreign-funded enterprises in Weihai, enterprises invested by Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese, representative offices of foreign enterprises in Weihai, related Chinese-funded enterprises and institutions engaged in foreign investment service. The competent unit is the Weihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and the registration authority is the Weihai Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau. The Association accepts the business guidance and supervision of Weihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Weihai Civil Affairs Bureau.

The Association was registered and established in December 1991, and is the only association of foreign-invested enterprises in Weihai. The structure of the association is divided into four levels: president unit, vice president unit, director unit, and member unit. The term of the association's board of directors is four years. The term of the fifth board is from July 2019 to June 2023. The president unit is Howden Hua Engineering Co., Ltd. The legal representative and secretary-general is Junli Wang.

The purpose of the association is to serve its members. The functions of the association are as follows:

1. Provide information on economic operation trends and industry development trends at home and abroad;

2. Promote members and carry out legal, policy, technology, management, and market consulting services through the association's website, QQ and WeChat groups;

3. Organize members to carry out training on talents, technology, management, regulations, etc., and help member companies to enhance their innovation capabilities and improve their management;

4. Reflect demands of industry and members to the government, put forward opinions and suggestions on industry development, and participate in the formulation of relevant laws, regulations and industrial policies;

5. Instruct members to improve various self-discipline management systems, regulate members’ behaviours, adhere to professional ethical standards, promote the construction of industry integrity, and maintain a fair and competitive market environment;

6. Organize member companies to hold or participate in trade fairs, exhibitions and trade investment promotion activities as needed to create conditions for enterprises to develop domestic and international markets;

7. Carry out exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign business groups;

8. Organize members to carry out various forms of friendship activities to enhance mutual understanding among members and learn from each other;

9. Advocate members to fulfil their social responsibilities, participate in social public welfare undertakings, and contribute to the construction of a harmonious society in China;

10. Accept other tasks entrusted by relevant government departments.