Electronic Information and IntelligentManufacturing Industrial Park

Located in the south of Shuangdaowan Science and Technology City in Weihai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the park is the "National New Industrialization Demonstration Base" and "Shandong Demonstration Digital Economy Park", with a total planned area of 10 square kilometers. With the general orientation of "Science and Technology Leading, Manufacturing Industry as the core, Building demonstration base of Made-in-China 2025", it mainly develops high-tech industries such as OA, electronic information, intelligent manufacturing and marine equipment, and divides them into two regions, the construction development zone and the key development zone.

In the construction area, 25 enterprises such as New Beiyang HFB Photonics, Yuanhang Tech, Sinowell, etc have been put into operation, with an industrial scale of 15 billion yuan, in the fields of information security, high-power fiber lasers, magnetic inertial navigation AGV, etc, which are in the forefront of the country and the world. Since its launch in 2016, 18 projects have been stationed in the key expansion area, with a total investment of 1.5 billion US dollars, and a global laser printer base with HP as the leader and covering an area of 6000 mu has been built. It is building a 100 billion-grade printer industry cluster with the highest level of technology, the lowest cost of business, the most complete supporting facilities and the world's influence. The park gathers high-end innovation and R & D platforms such as Weihai Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Electronic Information Technology Comprehensive Research Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and after the completion of the whole park, all kinds of building areas will reach 4 million square meters. The industrial scale will reach more than 150 billion yuan.

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