Marine High-Tech Industrial Park

Weihai (Rongcheng) Marine High-tech Industrial Park is located in the southern coast of Rongcheng City, with a planned total area of 37 square kilometers, including 17 square kilometers of land and 20 square kilometers of sea. The park was approved as the seventh batch of National Agricultural Science and Technology Parks in December 2015 and passed the inspection of the Ministry of Science and Technology in October 2019, which is the only specialized park of marine biotechnology industry in northern China. The investment direction is marine functional food, new marine biological materials, intelligent marine equipment, marine information technology, marine biological cosmetics, marine biological health products, marine biomedicine, marine resources trading platform.

Marine High-tech Park has built four platforms of "scientific and technological research and development (15,000 square meters) + enterprise incubation (8,000 square meters) + talent service (5,000 square meters) and industrial acceleration (22,000 square meters)". It provides the whole process services from incubation, pilot test to mass production for the projects, including supporting services such as experiment, inspection and testing, technology trading and financing. At present, marine biomedicine, functional food, biological peptide extraction and other projects have been introduced. It plans to carry out in-depth cooperation in joint research projects, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and personnel training.

The park focuses on building a scientific and technological R & D platform with a total floor area of 15,000 square meters, and has built a public R & D platform for marine organisms, GMP workshop and other functional areas. 60 million yuan have been invested for more than 600 sets of equipment for R & D, testing and pilot production of marine organisms, which can meet the needs of R & D and pilot production of talent teams, colleges and universities and science and technology enterprises, promote the directional cultivation of marine biotechnology projects and effectively drive the core enterprises in all aspects of the industrial chain to gather, and form a navigator and resource optimizer to lead the development of marine high-tech industry.

Contact: Yu Zhang

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