International logistics multimodal transport center and supporting industrial park

The park is located in the west of Wendeng District of Weihai City and near Wendeng Railway Station of Taowei Railway, with a planned total area of about 7600 mu, which is divided into two parts: logistics function area and supporting industrial park. The logistics function area is 766 mu. It mainly includes container area, large and packaged goods area, storage area and customs supervision area; The supporting industrial park is about 6900 mu, which combines the surrounding Longshan Industrial Park, Huanshan Industrial Park and New Material Industrial Park. The park focuses on introducing enterprises such as large import and export manufacturing industry, cold chain logistics of agricultural products, bonded warehousing logistics, cross-border e-commerce, logistics headquarters and so on.

Located in the geometric center of Weihai, the park has unique advantages for the integration of sea, land, air, rail and postal services and the development of modern business logistics industry, and is a key project for the implementation planning of major projects for the transformation from old growth drivers to the new ones and a major project for the internationalization strategy of Weihai City. The park is committed to building an international logistics base connecting Central Asia and Europe, radiating Korea, Japan and through-out Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia

The project of Weihai International Logistics Multimodal Transport Center introduced by the park is jointly invested by China Foreign Transport Co Ltd, Weihai Industrial Investment Group Co Ltd. and Weihai Taihe Investment Co Ltd. in September 2019. The registered capital is 60 million yuan. The project covers an area of about 700 mu and is implemented in three phases. At present, the company has opened trains to Central Asia, Central Europe and Mongolia, and maintains regular operation every Thursday.

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