Medicine and Related Materials Industrial Park

Weihai International New Material Industrial Park, with a total planning area of 55 square kilometers, is a new material industry cluster mainly targeting at the "secondary development" created by Huancui District Committee and District Government for the implementation of the integrated development strategy of the city. Among them, the planned area of Yangting is 36 square kilometers.

The Park is located in the southwest of Huancui District, near the two major expressways of Yanwei and Weiqing, which can achieve rapid traffic with other major cities; Provincial Highway 301 and 302 intersect near the park, and regional main roads Hexing Road and Haifeng Road pass through the Park. The park is conveniently located 20 minutes away from the downtown area, 10 minutes away from Weihai University town, 15 minutes away from Weihai high-speed railway Station, Weihai North Station and bus station, 20 minutes from Weihai Port and 40 minutes from Weihai Airport. The superior geographical location and the three-dimensional transportation network of sea, land and air constitute the vast space and potential for the development of the park. There are service facilities such as Likoushan Hospital, Aishan School, Public Cultural Service Center and Jiajiayue Modern Shopping Center around it.

According to the idea of "urban-rural integration, efficient land use, industrial agglomeration and ecological harmony", the park has clearly defined the development pattern of "Industry in the south, Residence in the north and Service in the middle", focusing on building new industries such as biomedicine, new environmental protection materials. At the same time, With the new engine of regional economic and social development-Weihai Innovation Park as the industrial support, the park has played the role of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enterprise accelerator and cultivation of new formats, successfully held the Weihai International Forum on Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Development, promoted the transformation of many scientific and technological achievements, and build a scientific and technological innovative industrial cluster.

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