New Energy (Automobile) Technology Industrial Park

Located in Rushan Economic Development Zone, with a planned area of 10.69 square kilometers, it focuses on building four major functional areas such as new energy vehicle precision parts, new energy vehicle battery motor and electric control system, new energy automobile and geothermal, wind energy and solar energy. It is planned to build one R&D center focusing on the new energy auto industry and the featured new energy equipment, attracting parts manufacturing enterprises to settle in to expand and strengthen the Rushan “3+3+N” industrial system.

The park is centered on new energy vehicles and parts manufacturing, relying on the global high-tech research and development base of China (Rushan) overseas returnees, focusing on creating industrial office integrating the new energy (automobile) industry research, targeted investment promotion. It is planned to set up targeted new energy investment fund, through the "industry office + industrial planning + park planning + industrial funds + supporting policies" model, introduce new energy auto parts manufacturing, new energy vehicle manufacturing, battery, motor and electric control system leading enterprises and large wind power equipment, ground source heat pump mainframe manufacturers, forming a new energy automobile industry concentrated area with major companies, complete main lines and distinctive features

Contact:  Huagang Du

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