Science and Technology City of Future Project

1.Project overview

The science and technology city of future project of the East Coastal New Town is located in the center of the town, south of Chengda Road and west of Jinji Road. The investment scale is 2 billion yuan, covering an area of 37.9 mu. Five buildings have been completed, covering an area of 190,000 square meters. It is 4.5 kilometers away from the Golden Coastline, 20 kilometers away from Weihai Airport, 7 kilometers away from Weihai New Port, 13 kilometers away from the high-speed railway station and 13 kilometers away from the bus station. In the future, urban rail system will be constructed to link the old and new urban areas. The convenient traffic advantage of the new town is obvious.

2. Basic Conditions and Advantages of the Project

Supporting Advantages

 Eastern Coastal New Town was constructed focusing on infrastructure, with the principle of "moderate progress with advanced infrastructure". It was highlighted on new concepts such as "underground construction goes first to the ground construction", "smart city" and "sponge city", and which vigorously promoted the construction of infrastructure projects, the urban functions and the carrying capacity. The 34 km underground comprehensive pipeline is under construction during the first phase of the plan of the new town, 150,000 tons of sewage treatment plants are fully put into use, 220 KV substations are fully put into use, New Town Thermal Power Plant is under construction, and the gas pipeline network will be completed in turn with the road construction.

Talent Advantages

Taking the construction of the Coastal New Town in eastern Weihai as the supportive platform, we support the cooperation of various R&D projects, actively invite foreign capital, and form the entrepreneurial characteristics of “talent+capital”. Through innovative policies and institutional mechanisms, we guide the state-owned enterprises, science and technology-based private enterprises to build talent platforms. We will build a talent introduction, development and utilization system, and create high-end talents gathering areas.

3. Market Prospects

According to the national industrial development policy and scientific and technological development plan, we focus on the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and Coastal New Town will be an innovative and entrepreneurial base with first-class level, leading the development direction of domestic applied science and technology, and representing the highest level of applied technology in related industries. With scientific and technological innovation as the focus, it will form a low-carbon, ecological, open, high-end talent gathering science and technology park.

4. Policy Support

In April 2018, Supportive Opinions on Strengthening Investment Invitation and Promoting Industrial Agglomeration Development of Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone was issued, and projects will be supported by relevant policies.

5. Direction of Business Cooperation

We will focus on introducing emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, Internet, and creative industries. Through the development and market-oriented operation of the incubation chain of science and technology entrepreneurship a number of characteristic platforms will be constructed to extend and improve the industry chain of science and technology service and create a demonstration base of innovation and entrepreneurship. The mode of cooperation includes sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, lease and purchase.

6.Contact us

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