Hanya Sophisticated Electronic Products Project

1.     Project Overview

The project is located in the southwest of Gangxi Town Industrial Park, Rongcheng City. The project covers an area of about 34 Mu and has been certified with a total construction area of 6300 square meters. The factory was built in 2004, with good location and convenient transportation. In July 2018, Junlong Real Estate Co., Ltd. revitalized the plant, but there are no construction projects at present.    

2.     Project Basic Conditions and Advantages

Introduction of the Factory Area:

There is a single-storey workshop with an area of 2,700 square meters and it is 10 *18 *150 meters. The area of office building and dormitory is 3,600 square meters and the single floor is 5 *18 *110 meters. The main body and interior decoration of the workshop have been completed, which is suitable for all kinds of industrial projects. External factory area has open space for parking and other activities.

Facility Advantages:

There are many electronic manufacturing industries and other manufacturing industries in Gangxi Town, which will facilitate exchange and cooperate.

3.     Policy Support

The government can coordinate the preferential rent offered by  owner, and the investor can enjoy the supporting policies of Rongcheng City in Article 14 and Article 15 of Opinions on Accelerating the Change of New and Old Economic Driving Forces and Promoting Breakthrough Development.

Article 14 Encouraging enterprises to participate in industrial integration, and providing certain financial support for the reorganization, replacement, stripping, acquisition, transfer and registration of assets in line with the direction of industrial development in our city; for industrial land leased under the preferential policies of the municipal government, the increased cost of land disposal shall be given certain financial support, and the preferential policies shall be cancelled; enterprises with high consumption, heavy pollution and backward technological level should be shut down and transferred voluntarily, and industrial projects with fixed assets investment of 10 million yuan (or above) encouraged by the new state policy should be given certain financial support.

Article 15 Encouraging the revitalization and utilization of idle factories, and give some financial support to the newly added parts of old factories after the reconstruction and expansion of enterprises; encouraging the use of industrial and service facilities for collective construction land; encouraging the processing of state-owned land use certificates after fulfilling the land use procedures according to law; and returning the land transfer profits to town after deducting 10% of the low-rent housing security funds and 5% of the land reserve funds..

4. Direction of Business Cooperation

The workshop is available for rent and sale. The workshop design is suitable for all kinds of industrial manufacturing projects. Face-to-face conversations are welcomed for specific information.

5.Contact Us

Contact person: Jinming Yu Tel: 0631-7820777



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