GSC Printing Machinery Project

1.     Project Overview

GSC Printing Machinery Project is located at No.160-1, Hexing Road, Yangting Town, Huancui District, Weihai City. With a total investment of 850 million yuan, this project covers an area of 227 mu, within which the building area occupies 110,000 square meters and the idle area is 10,000 square meters.

2.     Project Basic Conditions and Advantages

Project Background:

Shandong GSC Group, implementing the policy of multi-industry development and interactive development, takes printing machinery manufacturing as its main business and gets engaged in IT business. Shandong GSC Group is a high-and-new-technology enterprise, devoting itself to scientific and technological innovation. The group has undertaken successively plenty of National Key New Products and Provincial Technological Innovation Projects such as China Torch Program, National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) and National Science and Technology Support Program, and won many honorary titles such as “China Top 10 Influential Brands in Printing Machinery”. With the scientific and technological personnel engaged in R&D accounting for 59% of the total practitioners (61 persons), the group owns 9 invention patents, 5 utility model patents, 2 design patents and 27 software copyright patents. The group also has undertaken 1 Provincial Major Technological Innovation Project and 2 Provincial Major Technological Innovation Development Plans and completed the weak current system construction of the command center of the Bureau of Oceanography and the intelligent fishing port system integration and other construction projects. GSC group is a provincial high-tech enterprise, software engineering technology center, and a leading supplier of information management and control system and marine data management and control system for smart cities in China.

Facility Advantages:

The surrounding area of the project is the main industrial development area of Huancui District. With 1.04 billion yuan investment, 41 kilometers of new roads rebuilt, 320,000 square meters of land paved, 700,000 square meters of land virescence, 25 kilometers of water supply and drainage, rainwater, heating and other pipelines laid, the basic supporting facilities in the region have been continuously improved, the "six lengthways and nine lateral" highway network has been built, the "Nine Infrastructure Pipelines and Paved Road Project" of water, electricity, telecommunications and heating infrastructure has been realized and the construction of general hospitals, schools, public cultural service centers and other supporting services has been accelerated.

3.     Policy Support

In 2019, 12 portfolio policies were issued, including Opinions on Implementing the ‘Introducing Talents to Huancui District’ Plan to Accelerate the Transmission of Economic Driving Forces to the New Ones, Supporting Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Civil-Military Integration in Huancui District, Supporting Opinions on Promoting Scientific and Technological Innovation in Huancui District, Reward Measures for Investment Promotion in Huancui District and so on. Huancui District is becoming a stage for rapid development of enterprises, a treasure land for investment and entrepreneurship, and a highland for talent gathering.

4.     Direction of Business Cooperation

High-End Manufacturing and Machinery Processing Industries. Joint ventures and cooperation are welcomed.

5.     Contact Us

Contact person: Fujuan Huang  Tel: 13287879313

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