Zhangjiatan Plant Project

1.Project Overview

Located on the west of No. 5 South Coastal Avenue in Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone, the project was built by Weihai Zhuohuang Ship Parts Co., Ltd., covering an area of 80 mu and a building area of 7,540 square meters. In addition, its two factory building are idle with an area of 4500 square meters, both of which have five stories with 52 meter long and 14.5 meter wide, the first floor is 4.5 meter high and 2nd-5th flood is 3.4 meter high.

2.Project Basic Conditions and Advantages

Location Advantages:

Enjoying convenient transportation, the project is located in Gushan Town, one of the first groups of "Small Towns with Chinese Characteristics", 24 kilometers away from Weihai Airport, 9 kilometers away from Weihai Bus Station, Railway Station and High-speed Railway Weihai Station, and 6 kilometers away from Weihai Port. The town has been considered as the industrial cluster with the most economic vitality and development prospect in Weihai City.

Facility Advantages:

All industrial parks, close to High-end Shipping and Supporting Industrial Park, Gushan Industrial Park, High-end Numerical Control and Medical Equipment Industrial Park, have been integrated with planning, operation and project delivery and completed "Seven Infrastructure Pipelines and Paved Road Project". In addition, the park is adjacent to Weihai Port, which is a China's first-class open port and the most convenient sea port for China to Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

Environment Advantages:

Weihai has been honored as one of the areas with the best air and water quality in China in virtue of its beautiful natural scenery, abundant rain, moderate temperature and mild climate. What’s more, the city is characterized by its four distinct seasons and a unique landscape.

3.Policy Support

The enterprise can enjoy relevant policy in Supportive Opinions on Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone to Strengthen Investment Promotion and Enhancing Industrial Agglomeration Development, launched in April 2018.

4.Direction of Business Cooperation

It is suitable for all sorts of production and processing enterprises.  Rent and sale are both optional.

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