New Material R&D and Production Base

1.     Project Overview

The project is located in Rongcheng Economic Development Zone, on the west of Laoshan South Road Science and Technology Venture Park. The total planning area of the project is about 1700 mu, and the plant area is about 330 mu. The land is for industrial-use. There are two standard workshops, each with 375.78 meter long, 245.10 meter wide and 18 meter high, with an area of 112,893square meters. It can be designed and applied flexibly according to actual needs.

2.     Project Basic Conditions and Advantages

Supporting Advantages:

The project is adjacent to Rongcheng Science and Technology Pioneer Park. The advantages of Rongcheng Economic Development Zone, such as industrial clusters, supporting enterprises, science and education platforms, as well as the industrial platforms of science and Technology Park and talent gathering, can be used to provide technology, talent support and supporting services for enterprises.

Industry Orientation:

Rongcheng Economic Development Zone focuses on four major industries: new materials, biotechnology, intelligent equipment and RV. The factory is suitable for new materials, intelligent equipment and other projects. There is sufficient reserve land around the plant to meet the later development needs of the project.

Transportation Advantages:

The transportation condition is convenient. It takes only 15 minutes to drive from the project site to Rongcheng Station that is on Qingdao-Rongcheng High-speed Railway.

3.     Policy Support:

According to the investment scale, investment intensity and tax revenue of the project, the talent policy and tax policy can be applied to the settled project.

4.     Direction of Business Cooperation

Investment projects are welcomed in the fields of new material researching and producing enterprises; vehicle manufacturing and supporting enterprises mainly focusing on RV and NEV; intelligent manufacturing enterprises such as industrial robots and UAVs; environmental protection equipment and CNC equipment manufacturing enterprises, etc. Workshops are available for rent and sale.

5.     Contact Us

Contact person: Juquan Qiao  Tel: 18561276219


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