Project of Shandong LiDao Oceanic Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Project Overview

Located in LiDao Town Industrial Park, Rongcheng,the project was built by Shandong LiDao Oceanic Technology Co.,Ltd., with a total investment of 150 million yuan and an area of 181.79 mu, among which building area is 56,810 square meters. A cold storage with capacity of 100,000 tons, food processing workshops, office buildings and affiliated facilities were also built for the project, which mainly engaged in deep processing and logistics of aquatic products such as kelp.

2.Project Basic Conditions and Advantages

Factory Information:

The Project, started in 2014, was approved for construction, including Land Certificate, Land Use Planning Permit for Construction Project, Planning Permit for Construction Project, Building Construction Permit and so on were issued. The project has been set aside since 2016 and the enterprise has invested 85 million yuan to build factory buildings with an area of 3,148.3 square meters and public rental housing with an area of 3,950 square meters. China Fishery Integrated Industrial Park in Fiji will be built by the enterprise, the logistics center is the supporting facility for the Park in Fiji and the project is looking for partnership.

Transportation Advantage:

The Industrial Park enjoys convenient traffic and is adjacent to 301 Provincial Highway, 15 kilometers away from Rongcheng City, 18 kilometers from Rongcheng City Railway Station, 60 kilometers from Weihai City, 30 kilometers from Weihai Airport, 40 kilometers from Railway Station, 93 miles from Korea and 174 miles from Japan.

3.Market Prospects and Benefit Analysis

Aquatic product resources. Fishery is the pillar industry and the most promising industry for the economy of LiDao Town, Rongcheng. Up to 2018, the total area of kelp culture in the town has reached to 39,000 mu, with a yield of 450,000 tons, accounting for 1/3 of the total production of kelp in Rongcheng City, 1/4 of Shandong Province and 1/6 of China. It is truly the "First Kelp Town in China".

Aquatic product market, Consumer need more seafood and require more for seafood quality with the improvement of their living standard. The processing and semi-processing seafood is becoming more popular among them, which provides a broad space for high-quality seafood marketing. LiDao Town has established a good sales network with aquatic products wholesale markets and supermarkets inland which ensures a high demand for aquatic products every year.

Logistics market: Rongcheng has formed a system of highway, railway and sea transportation. Transportation capacity has been greatly improved, and the scale of logistics has been expanding. However, the local logistics enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized, with limited transportation and warehousing capabilities, which far from meet  market demand.

4.Policy Support

The investor can enjoy the supporting policies of Rongcheng City in Article 14 and Article 15 of Opinions on Accelerating the Change of New and Old Economic Driving Forces and Promoting Breakthrough Development..

5.Direction of Business Cooperation

The project plans to introduce the cold chain storage logistics industry and marine food cold chain logistics intensive processing projects. Investors should have strong capital background, leading technology, brand advantage on marine food. The factory is available for sale.

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