Haier·Yuanxiang 37 ℃ Project

1. Project overview

The project is located on the south of the 309 national highway in Gejia Town, Wendeng District, west of Shangze provincial road, with a total area of 2,491 mu and a building area of 25,935.7 square meters. It relies on the Daying hot spring resources to carry out regional comprehensive development, and builds real estate of hotels, health care and recreation. It will build a stylish town with the integration of holidays, hot springs, health care and so on.

2. Basic Conditions and Advantages of the Project

Project Planning

424.734 mu of land certificate has been issued, 116.02 hectares of residential land have been planned and 2 kindergartens have been set up. The land for public facilities is 16.75 hectares, and the land for commercial facilities is 16.75 hectares. They are mainly concentrated on the hotel service area. Other public facilities are dispersed in the ecologically livable community, forming a centralized and decentralized layout model. The planned land for road and square is 11.56 hectares, for green space is 18.01 hectares and for water area is 3.71 hectares.

Supporting Advantages

Located in the Daying hot spring area, the hot spring resources are abundant and the quality is excellent. The project integrates the European-style hot spring hotel industry, leisure industry, health care industry, tourism and sports industry, high-tech cloud community industry and other industrial resources. The surrounding supporting facilities such as water, sewage, heating and others are complete.

3. Market Prospect and Benefit Analysis

With the aging of society and the increasing emphasis on physical health, health care industry was known as the sunrise industry in the 21st century and has ushered in a stage of rapid development. In recent years, the state has issued a series of incentive policies for health care industry. The project is based on health care and attracts brand enterprises to be settled with good market prospects and social benefits.

4. Direction of Business Cooperation

We will utilize the advantages of hot spring resources to develop leisure tourism and health care industry.

5. Contact us

Contact person: Ping An, Tel: 18660386515

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