Shengjing Mountain Scenic Spot Project

1. Project Overview

The Shengjing Mountain Scenic Spot is located in the northwestern part of Gejia Town, Wendeng District, with a radius of nearly 6 square kilometers. It is in the north branch of the Kunyu Mountain, which is the best mountain of the Jiaodong Peninsula with the name of “the ancestor of mountains on the sea”. It was planned to build spiritual valley of practice relying on the advantages of ecological vegetation resources and landscapes such as dense forests and bamboo forests. It will be combined with the four themes of “tea, fruit, bamboo and forest” to create an ecological valley integrating ecological and humanistic experience, popular science education and entertainment, high-end leisure and vacation, and create a peaceful Taoist cultural experience environment.

2. Basic Conditions and advantages

Location advantages: The Shengjing Mountain Scenic Spot is located in the center of the blue economic circle of Shandong Peninsula. It enjoys a unique geographical advantage, 22.5 kilometers from Wendeng District, 44.5 kilometers from Weihai City, 66 kilometers from Yantai City, and 40-minute drive from Weihai Airport. Preliminary regional sea, land and air transportation networks have formed.

Natural landscape: The scenic area has continuous peaks, green pines and cypresses. It has a plain directly connecting the Yellow Sea in the south, and a lake in Kunyu Mountain winding in the north. The mountains are green, the water is clean, forests are deep and valley is quite, and the scenery is beautiful. It is an ideal place for sightseeing, leisure and summer resort.

Cultural resources: The Shengjing Mountain not only has its unique natural scenery, but also contains rich Taoist culture. It is the birthplace of Quanzhen School of Taoism in China. According to historical records, as far back as the Han and Tang Dynasties, temples were lined up, caves were connected, and stream of pilgrims is endless. Up to now, the Shengjing Mountain has left many Taoist relics such as Hunyuan Temple, Sanqing Temple, Sanguan Temple, Sangong Temple, Zhongxian Tomb, Chaoyang Cave, Laojun Temple, Longwang Temple, Shanshen Temple, Donghua Palace, Donghua Cave, Yuhuang Temple, Tian Gate and Woxian Stone. The main peak of the Shengjing Mountain is 385 meters above sea level. On the top of the mountain, there is a huge stone about 15.6 meters long and about 6 meters high standing there. Two volumes of The Tao Te Ching by Tai Shang Laozi are engraved on upper side, with 146 lines of more than 5,000 words. Each word is about 10 centimeters long, with the regular script structure of Yan style combined with Wei Style. The Shengjing Mountain is named after it. In the general records of Wendeng County, it says “This stone is possibly made by fellow Jinyuanzhu.”

3. Market Prospect and Benefit Analysis

At present, the rapid development of eco-leisure and vacation tourism industry will become leading products in the future’s tourism industry. Eco-leisure tourism resort combined fashionable tourism projects can meet the needs of modern tourism consumers in health care, physical fitness, leisure, entertainment and vacation, and become the first choice for people to travel.

The Shengjing Mountain Development Project is a comprehensive tourism project, which mainly consists of ticket sales and catering, accommodation, entertainment, health care and other projects. From the data analysis of profit rate, tax rate and investment return rate, the project has strong profitability. It is estimated that the dynamic business investment recovery period is 15 years, and the annual tourist volume is about 2 million.

4. Direction of Business Cooperation

Cultural Tourism Industry. Investors are welcomed to explore historical and cultural unique advantages of the Shengjing Mountain, and make it a city business card.

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