Hairun Silk Project

1.Project Overview

Located in Haihe Road, Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Park, Rushan, the project covers a total planned land use of 210.94 mu, among which the net land for industrial use is 134 mu. 75 mu has been certified and the project has building area of 27,605.32 square meters, the height of largest building is 13 meters. The silk production project has stopped since January, 2009.

2.Project Basic Conditions and Advantages

Industrial Park Facilities:

The industrial park has a thermal power plant with two 75-ton steam boilers, the steam supply capacity is 150 tons/hour which ensure the continuous steam supply for enterprises and satisfy the industrial and domestic gas consumption of the enterprise by installing natural gas pipelines within the park area. The park has one industrial wastewater treatment plant and one domestic sewage treatment plant each with a daily treatment capacity of 20,000 tons. The wastewater produced by the enterprise is pretreated by the sewage pretreatment station in the factory and then discharged to the industrial wastewater treatment plant for centralized treatment The park with the perfect EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) procedures has actively implemented environmental protection measures and regional environmental assessment.          

Related Industries:

Rushan has formed an industrial chain of yarn dyeing, grey cloth dyeing and finishing, garment processing, sweater processing and others, with rich sources in dyeing and garment processing.

3.Policy Support

The enterprise can enjoy "one enterprise, one policy" supporting policy from the government.

4.Direction of Business Cooperation

The enterprise plans to introduce textile, clothing, warehousing and logistics projects. It has been in bankruptcy process and was managed by the bankruptcy administrator who can negotiate and cooperate with interested investors.

5.Contact us  

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