Service Trade Industrial Park

Weihai Service Trade Industrial Park is the first service trade park built among the 17 pilot cities and regions across the country as the pilot of the national service trade innovation and development by Weihai City. The park is located in the core area of Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total area of 85 acres. The total construction area is 1.26 million square meters. The park takes service outsourcing, software application and development, e-commerce, information and communication technology as the leading direction, highlighting new information, intelligent R&D, Internet of Things, service outsourcing, e-commerce, information technology and other modern service industries, creating a foothold in Weihai s influence in Northeast Asia in the service trade.

In order to efficiently undertake investment projects during the construction of the park and support the cultivation of industrial development, the park purchases intelligent buildings and intelligent centers around it, optimizes and builds eight industrial service platforms, such as human resources, investment and financing, and government affairs to build an ecological chain that meets the needs of enterprise development, provide high-quality comprehensive services of the whole industry chain for enterprises entering the park, so that the park can enter the stage of operation ahead of time, and quickly form industrial agglomeration. Since the start of the construction of the park in 2017, it has invested 1.71 billion yuan, built 330,000 square meters of buildings, and accumulated more than 140 high-quality projects represented by 8 top 500 companies in the world and 7 listed companies at home and abroad, attracted 2000 high-tech talents, the total output value of the park reached 3 billion yuan in 2019.

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