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National Civilized City

National Sanitary City

National Garden City

National Model City Cluster for Environmental Protection

National Excellent Tourism City

National Forest City

National Model City of Mutual Support between the Civilian and the Army

UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor Award

China Human Habitat Environment Prize

China Environmental Protection Foundation

National Pilot City for Health Cities

National Demonstration City of Food Safety

National City of Quality and Safety Agricultural Product

Local Economic Cooperation Demonstration Area, China-Korea FTA

National Pilot City for Comprehensively Deepening Innovation and Development in Service Trade

National Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area

National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area of Shandong Peninsula








Investment Guide

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Information Technology

Hanya Sophisticated Electronic Products Project

The project is located in the southwest of Gangxi Town Industrial Park, Rongcheng City. The project covers an area of about 34 Mu and has been certified with a total construction area of 6300 square meters. The factory was built in 2004, with good location and convenient transportation. In July 2018, Junlong Real Estate Co., Ltd. revitalized the plant, but there are no construction projects at present.

Machinery manufacturing

GSC Printing Machinery Project

GSC Printing Machinery Project is located at No.160-1, Hexing Road, Yangting Town, Huancui District, Weihai City. With a total investment of 850 million yuan, this project covers an area of 227 mu, within which the building area occupies 110,000 square meters and the idle area is 10,000 square meters.

Medicine and Medical Devices

Galaxy Bio-gelatin Project

Galaxy Bio-gelatin Project, located at No. 99 Shuangcheng Road, Yangting Town, Huancui District, covers an area of more than 300 mu. Weihai galaxy Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sale of pharmaceutical accessories and food additive gelatin. At present, the idle land amounts to 9600 square meters.

New Energy and New Materials

New Material R&D and Production Base

The project is located in Rongcheng Economic Development Zone, on the west of Laoshan South Road Science and Technology Venture Park. The total planning area of the project is about 1700 mu, and the plant area is about 330 mu. The land is for industrial-use. There are two standard workshops, each with 375.78 meter long, 245.10 meter wide and 18 meter high, with an area of 112,893square meters. It can be designed and applied flexibly according to actual needs.

Marine Biology and Healthy Food

Project of Shandong LiDao Oceanic Technology Co., Ltd.

Located in LiDao Town Industrial Park, Rongcheng,the project was built by Shandong LiDao Oceanic Technology Co.,Ltd., with a total investment of 150 million yuan and an area of 181.79 mu, among which building area is 56,810 square meters. A cold storage with capacity of 100,000 tons, food processing workshops, office buildings and affiliated facilities were also built for the project, which mainly engaged in deep processing and logistics of aquatic products such as kelp.

Health Care Tourism

Haier·Yuanxiang 37 ℃ Project

The project is located on the south of the 309 national highway in Gejia Town, Wendeng District, west of Shangze provincial road, with a total area of 2,491 mu and a building area of 25,935.7 square meters. It relies on the Daying hot spring resources to carry out regional comprehensive development, and builds real estate of hotels, health care and recreation. It will build a stylish town with the integration of holidays, hot springs, health care and so on.

Trade and Logistics

Hairun Silk Project

Located in Haihe Road, Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Park, Rushan, the project covers a total planned land use of 210.94 mu, among which the net land for industrial use is 134 mu. 75 mu has been certified and the project has building area of 27,605.32 square meters, the height of largest building is 13 meters. The silk production project has stopped since January, 2009.
Industry Parks

Carbon Fiber Industrial Park

Located in Weihai International Port Economic and Technological Development District, with a planned area of about 2.44 square kilometers, it is a modern industrial park built on the advantages of local industries and aiming high. It is positioned to build a national carbon fiber and composite materials industry base, and create a national Carbon Fiber Technology Innovation Center.


New Energy (Automobile) Technology Industrial Park

Located in Rushan Economic Development Zone, with a planned area of 10.69 square kilometers, it focuses on building four major functional areas such as new energy vehicle precision parts, new energy vehicle battery motor and electric control system, new energy automobile and geothermal, wind energy and solar energy. It is planned to build one R&D center focusing on the new energy auto industry and the featured new energy equipment, attracting parts manufacturing enterprises to settle in to expand and strengthen the Rushan “3+3+N” industrial system.


Medical Devices and Biomedical Industrial Park

Located in Weihai High-tech Industrial Development Zone Science and Technology Innovation Town, the park covers a total area of 18 square kilometers. It is the only new industrialization industrial demonstration base in the field of national medical devices, the provincial high-end medical devices technology innovation center, and the brand park of shandong province.


Electronic Information and IntelligentManufacturing Industrial Park

Located in the south of Shuangdaowan Science and Technology City in Weihai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the park is the "National New Industrialization Demonstration Base" and "Shandong Demonstration Digital Economy Park", with a total planned area of 10 square kilometers. With the general orientation of "Science and Technology Leading, Manufacturing Industry as the core, Building demonstration base of Made-in-China 2025", it mainly develops high-tech industries such as OA, electronic information, intelligent manufacturing and marine equipment, and divides them into two regions, the construction development zone and the key development zone.


Marine High-Tech Industrial Park

Weihai (Rongcheng) Marine High-tech Industrial Park is located in the southern coast of Rongcheng City, with a planned total area of 37 square kilometers, including 17 square kilometers of land and 20 square kilometers of sea. The park was approved as the seventh batch of National Agricultural Science and Technology Parks in December 2015 and passed the inspection of the Ministry of Science and Technology in October 2019, which is the only specialized park of marine biotechnology industry in northern China. The investment direction is marine functional food, new marine biological materials, intelligent marine equipment, marine information technology, marine biological cosmetics, marine biological health products, marine biomedicine, marine resources trading platform.


Service Trade Industrial Park

Weihai Service Trade Industrial Park is the first service trade park built among the 17 pilot cities and regions across the country as the pilot of the national service trade innovation and development by Weihai City. The park is located in the core area of Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total area of 85 acres. The total construction area is 1.26 million square meters. The park takes service outsourcing, software application and development, e-commerce, information and communication technology as the leading direction, highlighting new information, intelligent R&D, Internet of Things, service outsourcing, e-commerce, information technology and other modern service industries, creating a foothold in Weihai s influence in Northeast Asia in the service trade.


Graphene Industrial Park

The park is located in the Nanhai New Area, one of the key marine economic zones in the Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula, with a total area of 2.2 square kilometers. The construction of the park has begun to take shape and the infrastructure of roads, water, electricity, heating and communications is complete. It mainly develops the research and development, production and sales of graphene and characteristic carbon materials as raw materials, and promotes the development of graphene downstream products enterprises.


International logistics multimodal transport center and supporting industrial park

The park is located in the west of Wendeng District of Weihai City and near Wendeng Railway Station of Taowei Railway, with a planned total area of about 7600 mu, which is divided into two parts: logistics function area and supporting industrial park. The logistics function area is 766 mu. It mainly includes container area, large and packaged goods area, storage area and customs supervision area; The supporting industrial park is about 6900 mu, which combines the surrounding Longshan Industrial Park, Huanshan Industrial Park and New Material Industrial Park. The park focuses on introducing enterprises such as large import and export manufacturing industry, cold chain logistics of agricultural products, bonded warehousing logistics, cross-border e-commerce, logistics headquarters and so on.


Medicine and Related Materials Industrial Park

Weihai International New Material Industrial Park, with a total planning area of 55 square kilometers, is a new material industry cluster mainly targeting at the "secondary development" created by Huancui District Committee and District Government for the implementation of the integrated development strategy of the city. Among them, the planned area of Yangting is 36 square kilometers.


Cross-Border E-Commerce Innovation Industrial Park

Located in Weihai Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, the planned area is about 1000 mu, which is divided into two major areas of cross-border e-commerce industry development and life supporting, focusing on building "five centers and one platform". That is, the full-mode cross-border e-commerce supervision center, the international express mail first-class distribution center, the e-commerce warehousing center, the e-commerce entrepreneurship center, e-commerce commodity bonded exhibition trading center and cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform.

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