Cross-Border E-Commerce Innovation Industrial Park

Located in Weihai Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, the planned area is about 1000 mu, which is divided into two major areas of cross-border e-commerce industry development and life supporting, focusing on building "five centers and one platform". That is, the full-mode cross-border e-commerce supervision center, the international express mail first-class distribution center, the e-commerce warehousing center, the e-commerce entrepreneurship center, e-commerce commodity bonded exhibition trading center and cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform.

The industrial park can realize online shopping bonded import, special regional export, direct purchase import, general export four kinds of business. The import and export volume of e-commerce will reach more than 4.5 billion yuan within two years, striving to become the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem in the city with the most complete functions and the best services. It is aimed to be a Northeast Asia delivery logistics hub, the first stop for Japanese and Korean products to enter China, and the “bridgehead” for opening to the outside world.

Contact:  Hao Li

Tel: 0631-8643222